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Kaizen IT Services Pvt Ltd. is a 25-year-old business headquartered at Kolkata, India and operating across India. It is in the business of IT Infrastructure Maintenance. There is a team of 1200 professionals across India who maintain and manage the IT of more than 100 organisations (both private & public). Kaizen is in a position to provide the full gamut of Operation & Maintenance of IT for any enterprise. Be it a large distributed set of End User Devices like PC, Laptop, Printer or A high-end Server, Storage or Network Device. Our services are vendor-agnostic because we know an enterprise buys hardware or software from various brands over time. So we built a capacity to serve them seamlessly. We have also developed a supply chain to manage Old Devices, which the manufacturers often declare as End-of-Life products. Kaizen on one hand helps the enterprise reduce the cost of ownership of IT Equipment by increasing its usable life. We also contribute significantly to reduce the overall e-waste of the country by this process and making the enterprise more sustainable.

We have developed the capacity to support varied requirements of enterprises. This can be managing the IT of a distributed sales and delivery network or critical activities of a data centre devices, be it an IT device or anything to support IT devices. We try to leverage our experience in managing multiple verticals, e.g., the largest steel manufacturer, one of the top-notch insurance providers, or the revenue wings of Governments. Our international quality certificates like ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 14000, ISO 45000, SA 8000 & SEI-CMM level 3 give our customers the confidence to rely on us.



  • NOC
  • Service Desk
  • Repairing Facility
  • Supply Chain
  • OEM Tie Ups
  • Inventory Data
  • Logistics
  • Large Talent Acquisition Team

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